My post was hidden?

Hello @moderators we are trying to post about our Litecoin project and having an awful time doing so.

Our post was hidden? How do we fix this glitch,

We have spent a very long time creating our post, only to have it filtered incorrectly.

Please help us rectify this error.

if you made an advertisement then place it in the correct section and you should see it…any ads get flagged and taken down from conversation posts usually

How can I get it back? I need to copy it, it had about 40 minutes worth of work in it,

I hope it wasn’t deleted.

Can I retrieve it from the @moderators ?

It was not quite an advertisement, it was explaining our LTC ICO using Litecoin tech such as Omnicore Lite.

What is the appropriate section for these ltc projects? We chose the appropriate one

click on your account name at the top of the page and go to setting and it should be listed under activity tab