MWEB Progress Update Thread

Hi David. We just want to say thank you for your hard work & consistency of sharing the progress with us. You are literally building a global currency! Seriously impressive my friend.

We also hope the Litecoin’s donated to you will bring you much wealth in the next year.


lmk when you need non-technical users :wink:

youhouhouuuuuuu im so happy dont want ppl know how much ltc i have hehe

i fell january will be the month of official release

litecoin need a stimulus release NOW

Nice project update.
But I have not received any Litcoin.
Can anyone help me out on how I can win this reward.

Not entirely sure what you mean. You can purchase Litecoin at most exchanges, along with a good number of Litecoin ATMs. No rewards unless you’re contributing hash power in a mining pool or such.

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What rewards do you mean, its an update for mimblewhimble project. It will be implemented to LTC. No rewards in this forum

haha, unlike the US government, we can’t, nor can anyone else randomly print more LTC :wink:


Hi All!

December Progress:

As some of you may have already seen, the first implementation of non-interactive txs is finally ready for testing! I’ve also updated LIP-0004 to match the code.

Community member Hector Chu worked hard to get the MWEB functionality added to the GUI, and it turned out great! Thanks also to @ecurrencyhodler for helping with the design.

I’ve also started documenting all consensus rules to make it easier for those testing, reviewing, or auditing the code.

Up Next:

I’ll need to take ~1 week to prep Grin++ for Grin’s final planned hardfork. Once I get the new version released, I’ll get builds of the new MWEB code ready and launch the new community-wide testnet so everybody, regardless of technical abilities, can test out the MWEB and provide feedback. Watch for more info about that sometime mid-January.

I still don’t have an exact date ready yet for when the code will be finished, but we’re getting very close. We have a lot of automated tests to backfill still, there’s still a few outstanding questions about max weight for the EBs & peg-in/peg-out maturity, and there’s lots of small cleanup tasks remaining. I’m still expecting to have the code finished sometime this quarter (Q1 2021) though, so it won’t be long.

Happy New Year Everyone!


Haha happy to help. :slight_smile:

It’s super cool we were able to keep the Core UI virtually the same for MWEB txns and peg-in/peg-out txns. Hopefully this will make it a lot easier for non-technical people to use MWEB.

Great work so far David!

Also, here’s a very rough prototype on figma of what it’d look like if anyone is interested.


Hi David. This is outstanding.

Have you received enough payment for the work?

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Yes, but the fund is getting very low:

The UI is very simple, I don’t think it will take so long for a few more people. I hope to speed up, one year is enough to do a lot of things。

Time investment is more terrible than money, money can be earned back, time will disappear forever

Feel free to pass on the need in our little group. We are a purposely small group that passes on information to many social platforms.


How is it going?

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Hi David, Hope you are well. Do you have any update for us?

Updates are only in the slow test, you have to donate more Ltc and then tell you

Hello Litecoin community----- I recently reached out to David; I am sure he is quite tied up with all of the development taking place currently. I wanted to genuinely inquire if there were any actions we as a community could take to bolster the testing and successful implementation of Mimble. In addition, if anyone other than David is aware of the current status, please feel free to chime in.

May the force be with us !


I appreciate the enthusiasm from everyone, but please be patient (I’m not even late yet :laughing:). If you’ll scroll back and look at my previous updates, you’ll see that nearly every one of them is posted on the evening of the 1st (EST). This month will be no different. I will provide the monthly update in just a few hours. Thanks!