MWEB Progress Update Thread

Hey @David, definitely a C++ Developer but I can work with you in anyway you need. I really want Litecoin to continue to be one of the Top Cryptos out there so anything I can help with to make this happen you can let me know and I will do it to the best of my ability.


Awesome to hear! I’ll get issues added to the repo sometime this weekend for the remaining work. GitHub - ltc-mweb/libmw

In the meantime, if you have telegram, come to Telegram: Contact @MWEB_testnet and I can help point you towards some tasks.


hi david, sorry for my noob question, but how long does it take before implementation into litecoin ? 1 month, 1 year,… ?

More than 1 month and hopefully less than 1 year :laughing:

Sometime in 2021 is the only timeline I can really give you. There are just too many factors, many of which are outside of my control (audits, code reviews, miner signaling & activation, etc)



October Progress:

The testnet has been running for a month now and has highlighted the areas where more work is needed. Several bugs were found as a result, which means the early testnet launch was highly valuable.

After sorting out the most critical bugs (thanks to the help of a couple of awesome contributors[1]), I switched to adding full wallet support. I was able to finish this up a few days ago[2], and I’m planning to roll those changes out to all the testers tomorrow evening.

I’ve also changed how MW blocks are built[3] to avoid a lot of downfalls in the existing approach.

Remaining Work:

November '20 - Wallet testing and start implementing non-interactive transactions. Most of this month will be about fixing testnet issues and trying to improve the one-sided txs proposal[4].

December '20 - Finish coding one-sided txs. Include MWEB wallet functionality into the GUI.

January '21 - Launch MWEB testnet 2 with one-sided tx support and include non-technical users. Open a pull request to merge in the code to the main repo!

As always, this is subject to change (blame it on my ADHD). But by the current looks of things, we should be done coding sometime in January.

P.S. I just want to say a huge thank you to the many people who have helped out with the testnet in various ways!

[1] Contributors to ltc-mweb/libmw · GitHub
[2] Wallet support by DavidBurkett · Pull Request #20 · ltc-mweb/libmw · GitHub
[3] Using updated wallet & miner APIs by DavidBurkett · Pull Request #5 · ltc-mweb/litecoin · GitHub
[4] One-sided MW transactions. by DavidBurkett · Pull Request #13 · litecoin-project/lips · GitHub


David How is your physical condition recently?

why you ask that ?

David had COVID-19.

I’m doing well now, thanks for asking. I guess that means I’m immune for 4-6 months, so I can go back to partying like it’s 2019 :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s the spirit😃!

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Hi Everyone!

It has been a long journey, but we’re getting close to the finish line. 2021 is shaping up to be a great year for LTC :rocket:

November Progress:

The testnet is running smoothly, with only a few bugs remaining to track down.

I’ve updated the one-sided txs proposal[1] to guard against Wagner’s attacks[2], use stealth addresses, include payment proofs, and guard against replay attacks. It’s still in desperate need of reviewers, but the current form of the proposal is likely to be in the final form (barring no new attacks are found).

After finishing the proposal, I got started on the implementation of one-sided transactions[3]. The new fields have all been added and existing tests fixed.

Up Next:

Now that the fields have all been added to the input and output structures, I will add the new validation logic for checking signatures and performing the new ownership check (See validation rules here).

I will then add in wallet support for the new one-sided transactions, add MWEB functionality in the GUI, and prepare for a second testnet that will also include non-technical users this time.



Hi David. We just want to say thank you for your hard work & consistency of sharing the progress with us. You are literally building a global currency! Seriously impressive my friend.

We also hope the Litecoin’s donated to you will bring you much wealth in the next year.


lmk when you need non-technical users :wink:

youhouhouuuuuuu im so happy dont want ppl know how much ltc i have hehe

i fell january will be the month of official release

litecoin need a stimulus release NOW

Nice project update.
But I have not received any Litcoin.
Can anyone help me out on how I can win this reward.

Not entirely sure what you mean. You can purchase Litecoin at most exchanges, along with a good number of Litecoin ATMs. No rewards unless you’re contributing hash power in a mining pool or such.

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What rewards do you mean, its an update for mimblewhimble project. It will be implemented to LTC. No rewards in this forum

haha, unlike the US government, we can’t, nor can anyone else randomly print more LTC :wink: