MWEB Progress Update Thread

MWEB It’s getting closer, checkout the release candidate: Litecoin Core v0.21.1 by DavidBurkett · Pull Request #751 · litecoin-project/litecoin · GitHub


I think LTC needs much more than just staying up to date.
Specially the marketing share is frankly spoken neglected. And that with a userbase which is most cooperative. Why don’t you pool a 100 + Users and give us something to do?
Tec Wise if not there already done:

  • litecoin plugin,
  • module and
  • extensions

and a 1000% higher #spreadtheword output.

@David I think the release notes you recently added should be reviewed. The download link doesn’t match the version and the command line ‘bitcoin-cli’ is not available at litecoin core.

They’re still a WIP. They haven’t been merged to the main litecoin repo yet. Feel free to add comments directly to the review: 0.21.1: Updating chainparams and adding release notes by DavidBurkett · Pull Request #767 · litecoin-project/litecoin · GitHub


Didn’t quite understood it was a WIP, I saw it as a PR. I will try to comment if I find some spare time.


December Progress:

Taproot Release

The first release candidate of v0.21 with taproot support (v0.21.1rc1) is now available for download.

I’ve been testing it out, and everything has been working fine for me, so the official release is being built and signed now. Feel free to test out rc1, or wait a few days for the official release (v0.21.1), which will be made available for download at after it’s been signed by the devs.

Please report any issues you find with the release using github.

Security Fixes

As reported last month, a security vulnerability was found, which required changes to the non-interactive transaction design, and therefore changes to the consensus code. These changes have all been made, tested, and documented. :partying_face:

Final Reviews

Next week, I’ll be meeting with the other devs daily so we can go through the code together with a fine-tooth comb. If no critical issues are found, that should be the final MWEB code review.

MWEB Release

If the review is successful, which I’m optimistic it will be, I’ll create the first release candidate this month :rocket:


Ok, now we rock!

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GOOD litecoin WILL to the moon

This is indeed exciting news for me! It’s been two years and finally waited

Amazing…tx so much for the consistency on the updates throughout the development


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Thank you for all the hard work @David Really excited.


What are the Advantages of adding extension blocks? More unique addresses?

The possibility to extend technologies to Litecoin by building separated ‘extension’ blocks, such as MimbleWimble.

I don’t see MW as an update in the right direction.

Trade in form of scaling is just more into the direction of NFTs and its consequences. Instead of doing grunts work and establish a firm base in trade itself, as a tool for E-commerce.

E commerce volume is around 10 to 12 times larger than NFT projections. NFTs will just add to the headache of fraud and deception.

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MW has nothing to do with NFT. The update regarding NFT is known as OmniLite.

I’m aware just it goes in the same direction.

To determine direction you should spend some time to read about MWEB.
We already have good amount “core of meaning” what is it in:

  • Parity of Personal identifiable information
  • Solution to on-boarding new users that they do not need to download the entire transaction history of the extension’ blocks network
  • Most cost-effective design for confidential transactions without trusted setup
  • Non-interactive transaction design for MWEB through a trusted network
    Through this update, LTС network participants will be able to exercise their right to control sensitive personal information, which has already been implemented on many networks in less attractive and more expensive variations. In addition, this right is realized not as an obligation but as an opportunity.

All those are already in LTC if I’m not mistaken or did Litecoin need 10 Years to fix holes?

It is worded as if marketing needs a few positive point to hide the fact that money is the foremost reason. many in the higher management have a money grabbing attitude, unfortunately so.

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What? MWEB is one of the most significant development of the past 10 years. Adding confidential transactions to an established, BTC-like network is huge. Fungibility is the missing piece to make the best digital money.
I have no idea why you think this goes to the NFT direction…

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