MWEB Progress Update Thread 2

August 2022 Progress:

Light Clients

The first draft of LIP-0006, which details the changes and additions to the p2p protocol, is now out for review.

A pull request has also been submitted for downloading and verifying HogEx transactions, MWEB headers, and the UTXO leafset bitmap. This covers steps 2 and 3 of the light client sync process.

That means the only piece still missing that light clients need to be able to sync MWEB data is the ability to download the compact UTXOs and their merkle proofs. As documented in LIP-0006, we want light clients to be able to request UTXOs from peers in parallel using a getmwebutxos message, which will be returned in a mwebutxos message.

I should be able to get this last piece coded and out for review this month. After that we’ll look at creating a new release (v0.21.3) with these new changes, and then start working with third party wallet developers to hopefully get MWEB added to all major LTC wallets :crossed_fingers: