Moving and backing up my coins

Linux Mint

I have some litecoins on coinbase and I’d like to move them to my computer, and then I’d like to be able to back them up onto a USB thumb drive. Can anyone give me some help on how to do this? Thanks.

yes in windows downlaod qt to an external hard-drive or a usb stick over 30GB or more and then download into or extract to the usb stick or external drive…then create a batch file in the same folder that qt is installed in containing the following:

start litecoin-qt.exe -datadir=data

and start qt by clicking the batch file…if need linux thats a few more steps

forgot to mention to also make a folder in the same folder as well named data

then the blockchain will be saved externally…otherwise it just uses the Appdata folder as default and the batch file probably wont work with out the data file anyway as the command is telling core to store the chain data there

Thanks. How would I go about encrypting the USB to make sure that if it were to fall into someone else’s hands only I could access the coins? Thanks again

simply setting a passphrase for the wallet is all u should have to do…if someone were to get your drive and open your wallet…they could not spend the coins without the passphrase…you can only “dumpprivkey” in core is you unlock the wallet using the passphrase as well

what about on a mac? same process?

(basic computer knowledge here lol)