Mining on core wallet


i am trying to do node mining … i have attached a screenshot just to confirm , if anything going wrong.

kindly give some comments if anyone knows about it.


Nothing here looks wrong. This is the log from the Litecoin daemon and it looks legit to me.


Hi ,
Thanks for giving me your words … but here in my debug.log file of litecoin , I am not getting
HTTP server starting ,
Address binding on
Zmqhashtx = tcp://ipaddress:port

These all option I am not able to get in my wallet debug log file .

Which I am thinking my wallet is not running in proper manner for doing mining.

To get these options run in my client wallet , what should I add in my coin.config file or what should I need to do with network settings.

Please help me to sort out this issue.

Best regards


Try running something like:

litecoind --help


I am running it on Windows wallet…
Anth litecoind --help is for I think linex command.