Mining on core wallet

i am trying to do node mining … i have attached a screenshot just to confirm , if anything going wrong.

kindly give some comments if anyone knows about it.

Nothing here looks wrong. This is the log from the Litecoin daemon and it looks legit to me.

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Hi ,
Thanks for giving me your words … but here in my debug.log file of litecoin , I am not getting
HTTP server starting ,
Address binding on
Zmqhashtx = tcp://ipaddress:port

These all option I am not able to get in my wallet debug log file .

Which I am thinking my wallet is not running in proper manner for doing mining.

To get these options run in my client wallet , what should I add in my coin.config file or what should I need to do with network settings.

Please help me to sort out this issue.

Best regards

Try running something like:

litecoind --help

I am running it on Windows wallet…
Anth litecoind --help is for I think linex command.