Miner is Showing accepted work Zero Balance in LTC Core Wallet

Miner seems to working properly, Blocks Found and I have 7 accepted on screen now but I have not seen any activity in my LTC core wallet? Please Help.

stratum+tcp://litecoin.securepayment.cc:3339 -u LXJXzUjgyozsZSSGee4NT2xPqsX6XP5Xrf -p 1

Just so you know where my Miner is pointed.

are you sure you found blocks and not pool shares? are you solo mining or pool mining?

I was under the impression it was solo

I must of been hooked to a pool somehow somewhere I made some shares somewhere yesterday but I i am hooked to litecoinpool.org now and seems to running fine

that’s not solo…solo is complicated to configure and you don’t see shares when mining solo usually…unless you make your own pool with multiple workers…glad know see you got it working

Thank you for the response. I am just GPU mining anyway it was only fractions of LTC yesterday I don’t consider a loss. as long as I am apart of this all I want. Help facilitate the change we want right?

pooled PPS pay system from litecoinpool.org is probably your best bet for GPU mining anyway…glad to help