Mimblewimble on bitcoin, ltc only testnet for btc

Hi there i have a important question for me i am invested in ltc and i believe that litecoin will be better than bitcoin if there would be the possibility to hide my wallet balance. So nobody can even go to the Bank if i pay a Bill and can ask the bank how the balance is on my account. Why should anyone can insert my btc adress on blockchain.info an can see how much money I have or not have. I see the problem that than the e.g. the shop says I don’t sell the product because on the wallet u used the last time is not enough balance or the product will become more expensive because the shop has seen the last time that I own many coins.

So now MW is going to be set on the litecoin which will solve this problem for me and many other users.
Yesterday I have seen a video on YouTube which nearly says litecoin is ■■■■ because it is just the testnet for bitcoin and has no other uses than this. All big players and investors don’t care about any other coins than bitcoin and so the mimblewimble protocol will even be implemented in the bitcoin chain if it worked here.

What do you think about this?

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Brother, you are 100% right!

When MW implemented i suggest you to put all your money on LTC bro…:grin:. I m very excited to welcome this MW.

Bitcoin has its own testnet.
I think Bitcoin is the slow big brother that can act as gold. Valuable but “expensive” and slow to send.
While Litecoin can act as cash which is fast and cheap to send, they can complement each other.

LTC is cash, people for some reason not willing to accept that. BTC is great and dominant but using it as cash will be a long journey, I pay in LTC, its quick, cheap and useful and with MW coming up a monster