MIGHT have some GAW Scrypt Miners for Sale. Need some info

I might have some GAW Scrypt miners for sale.

GAW Falcon and GAW Zeus …think they run 30mh and 25mh
or some stuff (you guys can look up the stats)

The only thing I know so far is they cost about 35-40 bucks to ship in the USA (heavy)

what should I ask for such assuming I want to sell a couple?

also are they tough to run (I know they are elec hogs)

anyway… any ideas on this in that they are gonna land in my lap (probably 2 of each)

thanks for the info

(the stuff i end up with out of the blue on a lark out of a bored remark)

You could try selling them on craigslist or kijiji or a similar platform where shipping is not necessary.

Its a buddy maxumark on here? and on www.bitcointalk.org just
pm him there

anyway he is still moving gaw falcon miners at over 100 bucks mostly exotic overseas places where
they need electric (or free like in UAE with over solar capacity and desert gets cold so space
heater at night lol) exoitc uses like that
but they do move

I bet at 2c elec in Venezuela if you could parashute them in even if they paid 100 bucks they’d do
ok vs the way their currency is crapping out

who’d a thunk it