Merge Mine LTC & DOGE with Free HyperBoost & Progressive Jackpot


P2Pool is the original decentralized cryptocurrency mining solution released to the public on July 17, 2011. It has many advantages over mining in centralized pools:

  • P2Pool has been mining continuously for over 10 years. has been P2Pool mining since 2018!

  • P2Pool is decentralized with no central point of control or failure. All shares are protected by a global sharechain.

  • P2Pool uses a PPLNS vs PPS type payment system. PPLNS is high risk/high reward and PPS is slow/steady.

  • P2Pool mining with HyperBoost often produces higher rewards for lower hashrates. It’s great for smaller miners!

  • P2Pool pays out block rewards AND transaction fees destined for miners when a block is mined.

  • P2Pool software is open source, verifiable, and provably fair with public sharechain and blockchain transparency.

  • P2Pool has a great community and makes mining fun! Join the discussion on and and invite other miners to join us on P2Pool for faster payouts!

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