MaliceRed Graphics Designer, Reporting in (Grand Opening Promotion)

Hello there Gang, I’m MaliceRed.

If you haven’t heard of me already, It’s okay. I’m a graphics designer who actually knows what they’re doing, and I’ve come to Litecointalk to take on new entrepreneurs and startups who are looking for competent services.

If you haven’t heard of me yet, I’ve worked on such projects as PrimeDice, Bitpay and many different crypto related websites and services. Litevault, Litecoinlocal, the list goes on.

Why do you want to hire me?

  1. I speak english. Yes, I know it comes as a surprise, but I speak fluent English and can understand and have higher thought conversations with you.

  2. I’m not a follower, I’m a Leader. 3 Months ago, I’ve started a blog, I’m now climbing up and will be approaching 1k followers by new years.

  3. I know what the heck I’m doing. My skills and experience have been forged in the fire of actual commissions over the years. I’ve dealt with clients of all shapes sizes and nationalities. Not only am I experienced in graphic design. I’m actually good at it.

There are many more reasons why you should hire me, but overall, I aim to offer a customer experience where I really sit with my client and design with them. I’ve seen it all, so nothing surprises me, and I never created a design that hasn’t earned a smile with a client yet.

Previous works

Current Promotion

To celebrate the opening of my service thread, I will be offering the first 5 people who commission me a super discount. My services typically run for 400-1400 range. But I am offering a simple 1 off price for my logo design services for only 100.00

If you’re looking to get a running start on your branding needs, I invite you, come and commission me. I’m so confident I can design you something, I’m offering unlimited sketching and revisions for no additional cost.

But remember this is limited to the next 5 folks who take advantage!

How to get started?

I’m always available via email: Malicered@gmail…com
Discord is where I always hangout, my tag is Malice#2447

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Another way to get in contact is Via my Discord Server

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If u have lite coins and want to buy something no matter how small message me!!!

Do you buy litecoins with paypal? Been looking for a trustworthy person to exchange with frequently.

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