Mac Pro disc erase

Hi, could anyone can help me please.I have installed litecore wallet for Mac, transfer my litecoins to it and I have made a pharapasses as well.Then week later my Mac crash and to fix it I have erased the disc and installed everything from beginning.But my issue is when I installed the wallet there is no litecoins.How I can have my litecoins back.With Bitcoin wallet was easy as just need to login and then everything was ok but with litecoin not.Can anybody have any idea what to do?Thank you

locate your ~/Library/Application Support folder …then select the Litecoin folder and in that folder replace the wallet.dat file with your backup…then rename the file "wallet.dat"
then start litecoin-qt and your wallet will rescan
assuming you did not forget your passphrase…your transactions are spendable once the rescan and re sync is complete

Do you have a backup of your wallet, right?

Do you create a backup of all your files before erase the entire disc, right?

Please say yes.

Hi, the problem is that I didn’t made a backup, just setup passphrase .

you cant recover anything without a backup! That password is worthless without a matching backup to use it with…

won’t the phrase work with electrum restore or is it litecoin-core specific?

I Have input the phrases into but nothing happens

Did you try electrum wallet? The pass phrase is only for your wallet.dat file apparently.

No wallet file no coins

only if its a mnemonic phrase…just any old passphrase wont work like that

Thank you all for the answers , reading them I can see that I have lost my coins:(

It’s a learning experience. Now you know to always back up your seed keys.

When I start a new wallet, I write the mnemonic on a notepad and put it in my safe. You can also use products like CryptoKeyStack or Bilfodl to protect agains physical disaster.