(MAC NOT PC***) LTC WALLET SHOWS 0.00 (MOVED ALL FILES TO DESKTOP) now i cant figure out how to fix it :(

I stupidly changed the location (in a folder on my desktop)

and now my wallet say 0.00

Before the settings were basic and everything was wherever LITECOIN CORE normally saves it

How do I go about fixing this? Any help much appreciated

(big tech n00b so excuse my vague explanation)

if your coins were sent to an “L” address then it is becuase of recent wallet updates
you need to operate the wallet in Legacy Non-HD mode like this if you are using windows:

Press Windows +R to open “Run” box. Type “ cmd ” and then click “OK” to open a regular Command Prompt
you can also select the magnifying glass and type:
“cmd” and then select “command prompt”
or right click the start menu and select it form there as well
(do not run it as administrator unless you installed it in your system32 folder, if you did not or do not know…run it as a regular user…not as an administrator)

once this is open…minimize it
go to your start menu and find LItecoin Core
now right click on the icon for litecoin-qt ,select “More”, and then select “Open File location”
now right click the address bar and select “copy address as text”

now maximize your command prompt
type this:
cd (right click to paste the address you just copied)
hit Enter

go back to the window where you copied the address location from
right click litecoin core 64-bit and select “rename” (DO NOT RENAME IT)
just copy it

now in the command prompt window
right click to paste the name you just copied
and type “.lnk” after it and then the flags

it should look like this:
Litecoin Core (64-bit).lnk -usehd=0 --addresstype=legacy
press “Enter”

QT will load and wait for it to rescan

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clearly said mac dude

sorry…Not sure why I ddint see that

you need to run the wallet in nonHD (Legacy) mode either way

from command line (terminal) using the -usehd=0 flag

open a terminal
navigate to your locaiton where you installed litecoin-qt with the “cd” command and start it with the usehd=0 flag like this

./litecoin-qt -usehd-0

let it rescan

if the install did not name your installation "litecoin-qt then obviously replace that with the name of the installation (in some cases this is “Litecoin Core 64-bit”)
you may need to use the -addresstype=legacy if you still do not see the “L” address that the coins were sent to in the wallet

Thank you for such a detailed instruction!
This is really useful information for me too

okay okay i get it, im no better…

ill provide screenshots tonight of my issue

i appreciate all the help but thats still hieroglyphics to me XP

here is a how to video I made for windows…

its the same thing for mac and linux
you just type the command different in terminal

instaed of typing:
litecoin-qt.lnk -usedhd=0

you type:
./litecoin-qt -usehd=0

it really is that simple

you have to navigate to the folder where you installed litecoin within terminal in order to execute it

and to list the contents of the folder in mac / linux you type:
instead of

if you do not know how to use terminal…I dont know what to tell you

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personal message me if your interested

ya dont know how to use it… its okay im talking to the person who helped me buy them way back when.

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