Ltiecoin is going up like a ROCKET!

I haven’t seen anything go up this fast since I last looked in my pants! WOOF!


Bitcoin made x5 in the last 1,5 year, from 180$ to 900$
Litecoin dropped from 8$ to 4$ in the last 1,5 year
I dont want to talk about rock…

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Litecoin rose from 5.32 to 30.2.


Well it’s going up now! WOOF!

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Litecoin confirms Bitcoins rally

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Waiting x5 as on Bitcoin? It is near about 20$

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i just bought 750. hope its gonna be just like 2013


Trading forum here this works

mining it was down as low as 0.00415 and as high as 0.00507 …now it is 0.00480

no where near 0.006 which used to be the minimum before panic

again this is a trading thread …but this should concern the traders it is not keeping up too well

I am somewhat encouraged however but you guys should keep this in mind with the issue of MAYBE

A4’s coming out like toasters and difficulty with everyone mining and going LTC to BTC for safety

as I’ve been doing…would add more pressure to price down imho

anyway for your consideration from my side of the LTC Universe …ie mining to LTC and the choice
of holding or moving to btc direct

hope folks had a good xmas and the price raito you mention did well in your trading above

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