LTC sent to BTC address - Problem

I have mistakenly sent LTC coin(Using bittrex) to my BTC wallet(Zebpay). I have not received the coins yet.

The transaction is showing 6+ confirmations on blockcypher and not showing anything in

Following to this, Bittrex has advised me to research how to remove a private key from a Bitcoin address and import it into a LTC wallet to recover these coins or contact someone from the LTC community for help.

Does anyone know how to resolve this problem?

can you get you private keys from the “Zebpay” wallet? that is the only way to do it…you need access to the private keys in the wallet you sent them to

No, they dont have any private key

They will have the private key but i’m very certain they will refuse to give that information to you. And unless it is quite a substantial amount of litecoin then i think your chances of getting them to help you will be very low.

Cant help but to try right?

So, i would advise you to ask them if they can claim your litecoin from the litecoin chain using their bitcoin keys. Lots of people seem to be doing it lately… Here is a link to some instructions one user used to get them back. The exchange wont of course use that method but it should give them a rough idea of what their techs need to do. Thats if they do decide to help you. Hope you get your coins back and please be more careful in the future. This is not visa or your bank, responsibility is up to you.

Thanks for the detailed reply.
The problem is that zebpay doesnt want to share the private key so is their any alternative of how to get private key of a BTC address?