Ltc send to ledger, but not received

i 2018 I send some ltc from Coinbase to my Ledger nano s, but I have never received the LTC. Prior to this transaction, I did send a smaller amount of LTC to the ledger as a test, and this worked just fine.
Can you guys help out and find out what happened to the LTC ? and even better, figure out how (if) I can get teh LTC into my Ledger.

I do have the transaction from blockcypher, but not allowed to post the link here;

simply post the transaction hash - no need for a link.

is this it?;

It is if the transaction you are talking about was for 11.99855 LTC. it looks like the address
LPDTRAmDLCfqURhhcM2Pht6edvEtvuHjv1 sent 11.99855 LTC to two separate addresses, 6.6360933 to LfdE4jZPe6jM4PSV4u2mWuZJvhnFwEJMex and 5.36324067 LTC to LcRtQX7JLYWFCv9cgjY4QdHc1CgjcD9a8e.

not sure what address is yours. Neither receiving address kept the LTC, immediately sending it out.

You would need to specify which address was yours. Also, if not mistaken, do not ledgers generate a new address/key with each transaction?

Yeah, you are right. He should check out the address. I have seen this myself, sometime there are multiple addresses made mistakenly which creates these kind of issues.