LTC price could double

Litecoin price could double as LTC fundamentals scream “buy”

Saw this article.

My opinion:
Well, Ethereum already surpassed its ATH… Litecoin should but who knows. I’m thinking at least $630 as a new ATH this cycle.It just takes us to 50% above the previous ATH. ETH has already done it and BTC went way beyond the 50% move past ATH. LTC is due and whatever price suppression is taking place can’t stand in the way of the inevitable. LTC hodlers will be rewarded and we oughta just treat the present like solid space and time to accumulate for the future.

Your thoughts?


With LTC price ratio to BTC. LTC won’t double till BTC doubles. At the moment LTC is 0.37% of BTC price. Hopefully LTC can rise to 1% or higher. I think it eventually will but not near term unless Charlie can pull a rabbit out of his hat. Maybe MW?


LTC’s community, utility, code, recognition, or what needs the most improvement?


i agree with this, it could double soon

LTC should be trading between $550-600 right now.
The past 3 yrs of LTC/BTC conversion have been-

2018- avg 0.012897 (low 0.006/ high 0.024988)
2019- avg 0.009943 ( low 0.005494/ high 0.018910)
2020- avg 0.005244 (low0.003675/ high 0.008089)

Those 3 cumulative averages would be 0.00936133 LTC/BTC - so a $60,000 BTc should mean a LTc ranging from $550-$600

Patience. That’s what needs improvement


The only price supression is hodlers giving up and liquidating, that’s it. There is no bad guy wrecking LTC.