LTC payment not confirmed


I am a novice in the Litecoin universe. I have created an online wallet on I have bought LTC and they have been placed succesfully in my online wallet. No problems. I can find this transaction in blockchain explorers. Then I sent LTC to another address as a payment for online mining. According to my online wallet, the payment is “processed”, the LTC are gone. However it is not confirmed. Searching the blockchains on the address I sent the LTC to (LRHs4H5FquJK84o41A1CCuNqNGXxmuCjGM) gives no results…

What am I missing?

I should have examined this forum BEFORE I created an online wallet and started online mining (scam!). Now I have downloaded and installed the litecoin core. Does it come with a new litecoin address? Or how can I link it to my existing address? I have to get hold of my private key?

Who can help me with this transaction? d2a1032fbc2e9a8452c4bf078f4ff3fdf6901d50a77d12beeca0f4d6eaff155d

I have not actively sent LTC to the mentioned address 3BAkDDEBRijvNCB1Z3RSA7ssUmdADh9VNE.

Is this a normal transaction. Have I lost my LTC?

Hello friend,
I face d the same issue with my wallet did you fix yours?


Late reply and sad to say, no. I couldn’t fix it. I guess I lost my LTC.