LTC not redeem / pending for 2 days+

I made a transaction of LTC from Binance to Zebpay (Indian Exchange) i test with small amount of LTC…went through within 10-15mins so i went for the remaining amount of LTC. It’s been stuck as " Not Yet Redeemed" when I checked on the LiteCoin Explorer.

LTC Explorer Link - Serial No.1

Can anyone help me to get it redeem ? :confused:
Thanks in advance.

EDIT : I just got the SMS notification from the exchange. I got my LTC after 2days and after posting my problem here 10mins ago. Is this a coincidence or someone solve it from this group ? Lolz. Thanks anyway.


it was a coincidence, maybe you didn’t set the right fee… remember this a user base forum not an official tech support channel or something of the sort

if you sent the coins using a wallet on an exchange website then you will need to contact the site administrator about it and ask them to “please broadcast your transaction”