Ltc not credited in the online wallet

Hi, I sent LTCs from one exchange to the other in 2 transactions (121.7 + .42431818). Received .42431818 in the wallet but not 121.7. Receiving exchange says it’s LTC blockchain issue. It’s been 3 days now but the receiving exchange won’t credit 121.7 LTCs. Receiving wallet address - 3LguDwhFMxcECnXCYE2pxoP6jsPrLv3HFF.

Could someone please look into the issue and explain what’s going on? Why would receiving exchange not credit the balance? Thanks much for the support.

the coins are on the receiving address, you should contact your exchange support, they will fix it for you.

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Thanks for the reply. That’s what I have been doing, I sense foul play at the exchange. This is what they last replied, “Upon checking on we could see that your amount 121
litecoin is “unspent”. when ever it converts into spent you will receive those litecoin in your wallet.”