LTC into oblivion, slow pools responsible

If F2pool switched like they promised to do in there blog posts others would have followed. Batpool was going to switch but they got talked out of it

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F2Pool is supporting Segwit now!!!

it means nothing

It means that more than 50% support it and it would be very unwise for other pools not to follow. They would risk to be left alone in the dessert and die…

it means nothing
ltc does not need SW

It does, it makes future development possible. No development means the end of a cryptocoin, simple as that.
So does LTC need Segwit, YESSS!! And as we can see in the increase of hashrate and value the last weeks, the rest of the world feels the same way.

LTC has no development. Only copy past btc code. SW copy past from btc to ltc too.