Lost LTC electrum wallet not recovering correctly

Hey everyone I’m new to this page.

Im just looking for a little bit of help. In 2018 I had a bit of LTC that I bought off Quadriga (yikes I know)
moved to an electrum wallet and then moved to a ledger hardware wallet.

Fast forward to this week and it seems like my LTC is not on my ledger and when I put my seed into the electrum downloader it comes up with an empty wallet with 0 History.

all I have is an email from quadriga with the date that the LTC was removed.

do you have the public address? have you looked into a block explorer to see if the funds are still on the address?

do you still have the electrum wallet files?

how did you “move” it? buy exporting/importing the keys? or by sending to a new address generated first by electrum and then from electrum to an address generated by the ledger?

Hi M_M
I’m curious about the Block explorer you mention. Is there a site were one can access it? Or do you have to be running a node? Does it have a search function?


there are a few of them.

this is the one I use for LTC - Litecoin Explorer

and yes you can search by public address, block number, transaction id

Thanks for the link, awesome site. A lot I can learn there.

Hi, sorry for the late reply I haven’t had time to deal with this lately.

I would have sent it from the exchange with the address generated from the wallet and then sent it to my ledger the same way.

I have a date and time and amount that was sent and a public address from electrum.

Also I moved a few different tokens onto my ledger and I find it funny that I wouldn’t have sent the LTC, is it possible that somehow it was buried in an update and not showing up?