Lost Litecoins when transferred from one wallet to another

I transferred some LTC as a test from one wallet to another but the were never received. Can anyone help ?

did you inlcude a transactions fee? otherwise the transaction may take a quite long time to be processed.

are the wallets synced? are they using the same app data folder and if so you need the application data for the second wallet in a separate location…otherwise both wallets are using the same chain data and that’s why you don’t see anything in the new wallet…when you install core it will ask you where to save the appdata and just choose a different forllde4r other than c: users/appdata/roaming/litecoin because core uses this folder by default…you can create a new folder called data and then create a batch file containing the following: start litecoin-qt.exe -datadir=data and then start litecoin wuith the batch file and this will save the chain data where you tell it to…in this case the data folder…make sure they are all in the same folder too…this is also how to use core on an external drive or usb thumb drive but the sync time is much much slower

Its been quite a few weeks and I suppose I did.

hmmm… not sure if it is or was. I uninstalled the litecoin core as i read somewhere i should reinstall it. so there is nothing on the pc now. BTW i moved them to an online wallet

Id recommend downloading the newest core wallet and using that and make a backup after every transaction…make sure it is fully synced before you do anything though…litecoin.org click download at top of page and choose your OS