Lost Litecoin Wallet Passphrase / Password / Random Character Password No Words known

I have bought Litecoins as an investment a few years ago. Now I face bankrupty and are desperately in the need of accessing my litecoins. Unfortunately, when I transferred the litecoins from btc-e to my litecoin wallet, I created a passphrase by just “typing randomly on the keyboard”, so I know NOTHING of the characters that the password contains. No words, nothing. Unfortunately I just printed the password on a piece of paper and didnt save the word file on purpose (so if hacked or lost no one could recover it). But unfortunately our house got owned by the authorities and we had 24 hours to leave the house. In this situation I must have lost the piece of paper, although I tried to maintain the paper.

Is there any possible way to access the litecoins? Is bruteforcing possible with hashcat e.g.?
Or is it absolutely impossible because I know nothing in regards to the characters contained in the password?

I would be glad, if anyone could help me. These litecoins would save my life.
(I also lost a few BTCs when mtgox was hacked…so much for luck in crypto for me)


Probably recoverable with a hashcat type system. If you didn’t use control characters, shifted characters, or special characters and know about how long you mashed the keyboard you might be able to crack that reduced keyspace in a few years or so. The question is what was the keyspace, how can you automate the checking against your wallet, and how would you know a hit?

Then again it may be impossible in which case you declare bankruptcy and discharge your debts. Who knows, it may be possible to do in the future, but that’s not today.

Thanks for your replies. I really tried to install hashcat on my mac, tried every tutorial on the net or script that installs is automatically, but it doesnt work.
I am not sure but I think it was something around
charachters, with a few numbers and a few upper case letters, I am not sure about special characters.