Lost Coins Reward Offered

Hi Guys,

I recently withdrew 49.9 litecoins from CEX to my Litecoin Core Wallet.

CEX.IO confirmed the transaction below:


I had downloaded the Litecoin Core Wallet and had CEX send the coins to the address generated from the wallet.

I did not back up the wallet (silly I know).

The coins did not arrive.

I rebooted my mac. The litecoin Core wallet program would then crash prior to opening.

I recently removed the block files, which has allowed the wallet to load. The wallet is now syncing.

Any help to find the coins and I will pay 1 Litecoin as a reward. Thanks in advance guys.

once the wallet is in sync then is the only time you will see any pending incoming transactions arrive…and as long as your wallet contains the address you had the coins sent to then your coins will be there

Thanks so much. The wallet is in sync (still not completed) but still nothing showing up in pending.

if your coins are not in the wallet then the wallet does not contain that address that the transaction belongs to…you need to import the address you sent the coin to into your synced wallet using the private key…or if you are using a backup then make sure that your backup is in the appdata folder for Litecoin and renamed wallet.dat and that there is only one wallet.dat file in the appdata folder…folder located at : c:/(current user)/AppData/Roaming/Litecoin by defalut