Lost blockchain

I have Litecoin wallet on an old computer. It was up to date about 3-4 weeks ago. Now,
when trying to update I’m 7 year behind! What happened? Can I recover the lost blockchain. Only change was to update firefox. But moved old data into firefox which had no
difference to blockchain.
Any ideas?

my best advice is to get a new wallet, specially since

  1. you’re using an old computer
  2. you’re not using it often.

if your amount is considerable, I would suggestyou to purchase a hardware wallet.
If you consider it a small amount, may be go with electrum.

may I know how much are you holding?

I don’t want to install a new wallet if I can avoid it. I noticed that some of the litecoin files are
very large. I don’t think upgrading Firefox caused the problem. I just need the litecoin wallet to
recognize that most of the blockchain is already on the hard drive. I don’t want to start from scratch. I have no coins in the wallet. I was just keeping it up to date, so I can purchase when

Electrum takes just a few seconds to sync.