Looking to purchase l3+ miner

I’m pretty new to the forum and cryptocurrencies in general, after doing quite a bit of research, i’ve decided the ltc ASIC is the best bet to mine right in my geography ( no electricty costs). The major issues is actually finding a reputable source for a l3+! Bitmain is no longer taking orders, and there were two users here who had them for sale, however afte a few emails one them was defintaley a scam and older users have pointed out that the other user is probably a scam as well… or atleast something fishy. So does anyone know where I can get one l3+ for a around 3.6k - 4k usd?
Tia any help is appreciated

I would suggest buying L3+ directly from Bitmain. They will likely post a new batch shipping in October.

Don’t waste your time and money buying L3+ 's for 5000 USD plus. You will never ROI under 1 year with the rising difficulty. Instead, take 50% of your budget and buy Litecoin LTC right now at market price. Put some orders at $35 they may get filled on the dip.

Also don’t rush into any L3+ deal that seems too good, here in Litecoin forum, on eBay or Amazon. Be very careful who you are dealing with, even if it seems a legit seller on eBay or Amazon with 100% positive feedback. Factor in you will pay $150-200 for shipping plus border tax. Depending where you are broker services, plus customs clearance & border tax may be 25% or more of L3+ value.

Wait for Bitmain to post a new batch, or contact Innosilicon and see if they got anything available for September / October. However, Innosilicon Dominator A4 is half the speed of L3+ and more expensive. DO NOT BUY from ANY SO CALLED RE-SELLERS there is a really good chance you will get scammed of your $ and you will never see the miner.


  1. Buy LTC now. Take 50% of your $ budget and buy LTC Litecoin at market price.

  2. Wait for next available batch of L3+ & Buy only from Bitmain. There are no official resellers for Bitmain or Innosilicon.

  3. Beware of any L3+ offers that seem too good to be true. (available stock from so called “resellers”, deals for multiple units, discounts for money orders, etc.)

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Thanks man, advise appreciated!
Let’s see when bitmain comes back with a fresh batch


cryptoasicsmining dot com - ANOTHER L3+ SCAM WEBSITE

Domain name was registered 3 days ago.

New user registered 7 hours ago.

Information on L3+ listing is incorrect.

PS: im not a scammer

YES, YOU ARE… Another sad scammer!


im not a scammer

And im more then happy to prove it

Ask me for any info that i will provide.

The proof that you’re a scammer is already here:

  1. The last batch of Bitmain L3+ SOLD OUT Last Friday, July 14th 2017.

  2. Your website was registered 6 days AFTER the last batch was Sold Out. Registered on July 20th 2017.

  3. You claim to sell 40? Fake Pre-Orders from a already Sold Out batch from Bitmain.

  4. NO ONE (except a scammer) will offer FREE Power Supplies and FREE International Shipping.

  5. paulocurado - New user Registered 8 hours ago, went straight into SELL MODE.

There is your PROOF OF SCAM.

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yes Daniel i made all this in the photoshop

its all a scam

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would you share that via remote desktop? like teamviewer or something? that will solve photoshop problem. and then i will buy 40 l3+ from you, i will fly to your place to take it. let me know about your choice. i have cash right now able to pay it asap.

yes we could use team viewer no problem. But if you look at my site you can see that i will have the miners in the end of the september as i purchased the last available batch in Bitmain.
I wish i would have then now.
Im sure the 40 miners would be gone by now.


what are you selling each L3+ for?

And don’t say $8,999 like the site suggests. The current annual profits for one L3+ are $9,100 in JULY with 2 months until they even ship.

Anyone wanna buy D3, I order it in Bitmain yesterday. Send me email into my inbox!

How much?

go this topic: https://litecointalk.io/t/sell-2-d3-order-in-bitmain/6103