Looking for a legitimate wallet recovery service

I have a Litecoin wallet that I pulled from the computer I mined on 4 years (the litecoin.dat file is dated 1/23/2014). I had looked at it briefly on that computer and there were transactions showing approximately 121 litecoin but the balance was 0.

I moved everything to a newer, more stable, computer and now I see nothing in transactions at all.

I did use a gui wallet tool to open it and find the keys (about 100 of them) but they will not import into anything I can find.

Any ideas?

EDIT: I am really thinking about hiring a service at this point to recover them since the value is pretty significant to my family as I have been out of work for quite a while.

Are you still needing help with this?
I will do it for 1.21 (1%), and would only take that 1% if funds are recovered.

Go search my previous posts on this forums, and you’ll find that I’ve been helping folks for a long time now.

waiting for your response.

Just to let you all know:

I am helping @IMeMine privatelly to recover his coins, and their propouse was “So let’s make it worth it for you and make it 3-4% depending upon your assessment.”

I will report back when it’s done.

I need your help。

be careful using folk and your private keys etc. The possiblity is you may save your coins for them rather then just losing them yourself.

then again with nothing to lose…but just saying…this is the way of such things with crypto


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Let us know how the service works and cost, and of course if successful. But don’t give your private keys to anyone…have them work with you over the phone teleconference or whatever and maybe have $$$ in escrow to watch the public address to show success to pay both parties on results…and divvy out funds in some kinda manner like that. Again, how I’d do such.