Long Term investment. No mining . is it OK?


This is my first Post. I liked the idea and I’m thinking that this will be a long term investment.
I have some questions Please

  • What are the legit websites to buy from?. please consider that i’m from the middle east
    -I don’t want to do mining. I’ll just buy it and leave it for years. is that ok ?

Thank you

Hi Saud,

I personally think that Litecoin is a great long term investment. Especially, during the last months you could observe that Litecoin makes good progress and it is more and more decoupling from Bitcoins price (which is a very good sign that it becomes and independent crypto concurrency!). I have done some minging (several years ago), however, I stopped, and now I am only buying and hold. I think it is the easier and more secure way to get your coins. For mining you would have to buy special hardware to make some profit, which is expensive, hard to get, and error-prone.

I like to buy from https://anycoindirect.eu. It is easy, fast and secure. I have done more than 20 buys/sells already there.

Cheers, XuS

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Thanks Xus, I am looking to buy and hold long term as well. Would you recommend a website geared for North America (CAD)


I have heard good things about coinbase, but I have no personal experience with it. However, I am pretty sure you can also buy coins from anycoin (see link above) from US.

Cheers, XuS

Like @xus said already, I’ve done business with Coinbase a few times and while they are certainly not the best out there, they did deliver so far to me and they are a convenient solution without too much KYC hassle, other exchanges caused me a lot more trouble in the past :slight_smile:

Thanks . This is very helpful

If you don’t mind to register and put your names, I would suggest Coinbase as well, I use it on daily basis, just after I purchase I move my coins away