Litewallet Development Hardware Fundraiser

Hi, I’m Kerry Washington, member of the Litecoin Foundation and team lead for Litewallet.

Our beloved Loafwallet has transitioned into Litewallet and the momentum is increasing. As the Official Mobile wallet of the Litecoin Foundation, the expectations are high. We are finally coming out of the bear quarters and the last time this excitement meant alot of work for us developers for both Android and iOS. Since the last 2 years the goal has been to increase stability for both platforms while slowly improving the new look and feel the make an easy app to use. The iOS platform has had a head start and the user base shows with over 180,000 users around the world. The Android is lower (~ about 10% of iOS) and it has had some headwinds dealing with older code base.

What is needed is to be prepared when the bull market returns. In 2017, Loafwallet iOS saw 500,000 new users and Android Loafwallet has had many updates to catch up with the latest version. We are using the Github repos to mark and track issues and I have begun growing the team for both Android and iOS. So far the team is located in 4 different time zones and we are constantly in touch making changes and reviewing code. This is arduous work and requires alot of time resources and hardware for development. The developers are all volunteers.

In order to better serve the Litewallet community the plan is have the actual devices to test on. Unfortunately, most of us on the team do not have Android or iOS phones and are using the emulator or simulator as the case may be. Running both iOS and Android IDEs on older CPUs significantly slows the time to get feature into the code. In some cases developers are using 5 year old laptops and the age of the CPUs also slows development time.

Lack of real mobile units has already caused the team major delays and kept debugging at the most basic level. We need to be prepared and accelerate growth for our Litewallet users with good and reliable versions of Litewallet with more integrations and features.

We reach out to the Litecoin community as a proposal to fund hardware for our developers and bring the development lab into a more recent era. Given the already increasing number of Litewallet users we feel this is something the community can help.

Thanks for your donation!

2020 Hardware Fundraiser Goals

  1. Setup Testing and Development Lab (laptop + Android + iOS Devices)
  2. Deploy 4 mobile units to our key mobile developers


8000 USD (about 180 Litecoin as of May 8, 2020)

Hardware Donation Address (held by the Litecoin Foundation):



~32 Ł Donated!! :rocket:


Love the idea Kerry. Growing & supporting android for litewallet will be important.

Thanks. Its very risky at the moment. Hopefully the community will respond.

We’ve gotten closer to the goal: 22.1 LTC. ~108 LTC to go!


Inching forward. iOS v2.7.0 has built in donation built in…todays level: 23.19206331 LTC


Thanks community!. Android v1.19.0 Beta added…todays level: 24.29786998 LTC