Litecoins stolen from

I had Litecoins stolen by one of the original founders of The new managers say that there is no way of retreiving them. Does anyone know what could be done?. Thank you.

In the same boat…it was NOT the founders (original 3) of…it was an account HACKED…I lost 21 LTC to the person. (I mean really, at the time, I figured if I can’t trust the one of the main sysops of…who can I trust…unfortunately, when confronted about the hack, the hacker had the power to wipe the system) this is why we have the setup we have now…

live and learn, my logic was right on, but forgot about the aspect of hacked account…thus screwed out of 21 LTC for 2 titan cubes at the time I think it was

anyway, this is from the follow up messages from the other 2 main moderators of the site and what they told me happened…the account was hacked…they did not catch on …thus I was snag’d then a couple others…then when confronted…the hacker with sysop powers trashed the system

I DID take if off as a loss in 2016 (Jan I think it was) took it off my taxes…or the CPA let me …something anyway

anyway, how I was told at the time, when it happened…it was a hacked account

thus don’t be me…assume all is compromised I guess is the lesson on this

sorry for your loss, hopefully it was less than myself :frowning: