Litecoins old wallet missing after transaction


I send on the 14th of August my litecoins to another adress they never received the coins. I did not work for a long time with these litecoins and it seems I have a very old wallet 8.5.1-beta. I did not make any upgrade.
The balance is at the moment 0 in my wallet. I see the recent transaction done on the 14th of august. I tried to look for the transaction at, the transaction was visible on thuesday the 15th, but now I cannot find the transaction anymore.

Meanwhile I made a update for my wallet to the newest version at and replaced the dat file from my old wallet in the folder. But I did not receive my coins back. The adress where I send the coins did not recieve them.
I would like to know where my coins are and what should I do to get them back.

Thank you very much.

if shows the transaction id as a confirmed transaction then the person received their coins…its just they need to update their wallet because the key for the address you sent the coins to is not in the wallet. tell then to open their wallet and type importaddress (followed by address) in console and if they have the private key in their backup litecoin will show the coins belonging to that wallet…
are you sure the address they gave you and the address u sent to are the same?

I think it is not confirmed in blockcypher. I cannot find the transaction anymore. The other adress told that the payment was not confirmed and they never received this. Do you have any solution?

Thanks for your help
Blockcypher showed the transaction on tuesday the 15th on wednesday the 16th it was not anymore vissible at blockcypher. The adress where I sent the coins to confirmed that the adress is correct. They can’t find the transaction also not anymore.
They told me that the coins should go back to my wallet and that it can take a few days. Till now I did not receive anything.
Do you know what to do

in core wallets …aka qt wallets…you can right click the transaction in your wallet and click cancel transaction only if there are no confirmations on it yet

Thank you very much, I received the coins back in the wallet