Litecoin- Will Its Price Reach Moon?



Today lot crypto investors are looking forward for investment opportunities… if you are thinking to invest in Litecoin? then it is right time to invest because several crypto influencers predicts that the price may reach heights.

According to coinpedia litecoin price prediction the price may reach moon by the end of 2019… as they have explained absolutely perfect.

What’s your thought on litecoin price prediction will it reach moon?


Whatever I chose to do buy or not…do the opposite…(hey, it is a ‘skill’, a ‘lame’ self-defeating skill, but I am good at it. :frowning:


No earlier than the end of 2019


IMHO, minng is dead more or less till the price of LTC hits like $90 …in that about 1/3 to 1/2 of miners out there will turn their units back on…so heck maybe even $100 LTC is needed to jumpstart mining.

me in last 10 days sold 390 bucks on ebay and converted equiv of 0.10 btc to LTC…so that is much better than mining in that the attic is filled with stuff I’d otherwise die with anyway

attic mining …the only way to fly



yeah, mining is dying, and I was actually a bit surprised to find out that some people are ready to face this fact