Litecoin Wallet shows 0.00 LTC and transactions gone


a week ago I updated the litecoin blockchain on my laptop and closed it ( I have Litecoin core) and before closing my laptop I erased the historic on my laptop as I do regularly. The next day I open my qt and everything was gone…
my page shows no transactions and no LTC all is 0.00, as it was just installed and never used. The same happened with my Dogecoin qt, all gone.

There is any way to recover my LTC?
Here in the website in the search button put the litecoin address where u put the coin. And search u will get the block information is it there or not.
Hope this will help u.
i u find ur coins please atleast give me 1 ltc as a donation.
u will get surely in this website. And my advice donot keep in core wallets lots of crash occurs. use wallet. the best and the easy wallet. no need to keep backup it automatically backups everything.

do you have a backup wallet.dat file saved somewhere hopefully?

I spent all weekend looking for my flash drive where I used to save my wallets and was really happy when I did.

I can see my LTC from the lasts transactions but I cannot send them to my pc wallet.
I found and old wallet.dat (same I had till the changes) and remoed the new wallet. day and entered the old one then open my QT
got transactions but all of them were from last year and only 1 of a week ago for 0.005 LTC…
How can I enter the block chain to my QT or wallet pc to recognise the wallet and upload my LTC?

I do have one but when I changed the wallet .dat for the old one I have it recover the past transactions and had about 42 LTC and when I tried to send them to another allet I had a message that those LTC were already spent…:slight_smile: I only had 1 transaction of may 2017 withsome 0.005 LTC bt the rest niet…I

With the old wallet.dat in place, can you try running litecoin core with the -rescan option and let us know if that has any effect on your ability to send the ~42 LTC?

(google search for bitcoin/litecoin core rescan blockchain, if needed)

maybe need to reindex and rescan…starting qt from command line with these flags in place…example…open command prompt in windows and navigate to the folder containing qt client (latest version) and type ( cd C:/Litecoin/litecoin-qt.exe -reindex -rescan [enter] ) or where ever you have litecoin saved

but I would try uninstalling litecoin and reinstall…let sync with regular nothing in it then put your back up in it and run with -rescan flag

or maybe install litecoin on another pc or drive and try your backup in that…basically you need to rebuild the chain with the latest version of qt and your backup and if that doesn’t fix it then your coins have been spent already like it says…

you can also open command prompt and start litecoin with litecoin-qt.exe --help for all available command options

also can see console under help tab in litecoin qt and type help in the command bar at the bottom