Litecoin Wallet Not asking for Encrypted Password on Startup

Hey all,

I just setup my Litecoin wallet using Litecoin Core version v0.14.2 (64-bit). Everything is fine and I have successfully encrypted and backed up my wallet. The weird thing is. If I shutdown that app, even after a reboot. I am able to open it, without it asking for my password? My wallet loads and everything is there.

I was under the impression that after encryption, every time I started the app, i would have to enter my password?

Any ideas?


the wallet will no ask for passphrase until you try to send coins out.

so rest assure and dont forget the damn passphrase.

Thanks pguerrerox. I have my passphrase Backedup in a password vault. So it’s all good. The real statement then I guess is, don’t forget my vault password. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the answer.

also, you may want to backup your privateKey… in case something happens tonyour PC

Good point pguerrerox.

I think I did this correctly, can you just verify my work?

I opened the console form the Debug windows.

I then types “walletpassphrase MyPassPhrase 60”. This unlocked my wallet for 60 seconds.

I then typed “dumpprivkey TheAddressIUsedToReceiveTheLiteCoins”. The console then displayed the Private Key, which I have also backed up.

Does that seem correct?

Do I also need to backup the Address I used to receive the coins?


yes, the private key is the important part… keep that safe