Litecoin wallet error (wallet shuts itself down after)


My wallet is almost ready with updating (3 or 4 days remaining) before it gives a error messages and shuts itself down. It then refers to the debu.log. but I cant make sense of the debug log:

Anyone knows how to read them or where to look?

Hi please see below:

2018-01-04 16:57:10 UpdateTip: new best=6561771716bd930fb8ac2e59d441140fb0165b773e72b41249fb2ad0295b0b10 height=1341543 version=0x20000000 log2_work=69.194886 tx=17176067 date=‘2017-12-30 10:23:22’ progress=0.997735 cache=120.2MiB(110224tx)
2018-01-04 16:57:10 UpdateTip: new best=31c193c773a94e4a34601ac0aae1b82945318802848fdb5e30e092044999c3c5 height=1341544 version=0x20000000 log2_work=69.19492 tx=17176632 date=‘2017-12-30 10:31:42’ progress=0.997737 cache=120.5MiB(111095tx)
2018-01-04 16:57:10 UpdateTip: new best=d19e92bf70d966a41c2ce7d4af5f6a34608d14024d5d3ae69f45e18aa23cdf80 height=1341545 version=0x20000000 log2_work=69.194954 tx=17176869 date=‘2017-12-30 10:35:10’ progress=0.997738 cache=120.8MiB(111406tx)
2018-01-04 16:57:10 UpdateTip: new best=470b75f1b70e233bf7eb3ca19b18ce7ac4bf4967328a5e696bc0b3577a6680ea height=1341546 version=0x20000000 log2_work=69.194988 tx=17177341 date=‘2017-12-30 10:41:45’ progress=0.997740 cache=121.0MiB(112082tx)

post some lines of the debug, the last lines.