Litecoin Wallet Core export private key

Hello guys,

i use the Litecoin Core Wallet and I try to export the private keys of my litecoin adresses.
i checked some tutorials on youtube first.
i use the command console and type in first:
walletpassphrase “my passphrase” timeout (“60 oder 660”)
but everytime i get this error message:
Error: Error parsing JSON:rotten
What am i doing wrong?
Thanks for help


I keep getting this error message
Error: Please enter the wallet passphrase with walletpassphrase first. (code -13)
I put dumpprivkey and address
I saw Jspin4 Youtube and can’t get the private key

the solution is simple :slight_smile:
i have forget the signs: "

first type in:
walletpassphrase “your individual passphrase” 60
then push enter
then type in:
dumpprivkey “Litecoin-address”

it works