Litecoin vs. Bitcoin Cash

Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash - which one is better?
Pros and cons!
I’d like to invest 1K €

Litecoin - BCH is Craig Wright a true pos sorry BSV is Craig Wright. BCH is some other douche bag.

So, I still say Litecoin.

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I would also say LTC, mainly due to the fact that transactions are just as cheap if not cheaper, network is much more used (daily volume and not faked TX), soon we have privacy with Mimblewimble.
Also i dont like the fact that BCH is in fight with BTC as the “real” Bitcoin. It just hurts the space and new people.

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The only person using bcash is Roger Ver. Quite sad.

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Thanks for the replies, I made my decision, will add LTC to my portfolio :smiley:

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I think you could go for both of the options. But LTC is filled with massive benefits so I think investing in it is a wise decision of yours.

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I’d go with Bitcoin!

I would too Bitcoin > BSV or BCH

Litecoin has been in the top 10 on Coinmarketcap ever since inception while both BCH and BSV dropped out with just 3 years.

BCH and BSV tried to solve a problem that Litcoin had already solved years agao > faster transactions, lower transaction fees, never hacked.


  • is traded on every major exchange world wide
  • is offered by many on-ramps offering fiat to LTC conversion
  • can be held in an interest earning account, earning LTC
  • can be used as collateral to obtain a loan
  • offers credit & debit cards allowing to draw from LTC balance
  • has a wider community spread than BTC, BCH, BSV
  • LTC is Litecoin it never needed to pretend to be another Bitcoin like BCH and BSV stealing the Bitcoin name to confuse noobs
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Well said James. LTC and BTC here. Although I have bch and bsv, they were free airdrops, and I just kept them.

Understandable. I never had any. If I had any BCH or BSV I would swap them into either Bitcoin or Litecoin, put them into BlockFi or Celsius and earn interest.

That way you profit from the rising value plus interest.

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Thanks :slight_smile: