Litecoin transfer

I am trying to move my litecoins form an old laptop to my new laptop. The old laptop has Litecoin QY v0.8.5.1
and my new laptop has litecoin core v0.14.2 I typed in my receiving address of the new wallet into the old wallet and transferred. The litecoins have left the wallet but nothing is showing up in the new wallet? Have I lost the coins? how can I resolve the situation?

both wallets sync?

The older version got to almost the end of syncing then said to update which I couldn’t work out how to do
whilst making sure the coins ended up in there, so I just tried to send anyway. The newer version was synced.
When I look in the transaction history in the old wallet it says unconfirmed but gives a transaction number etc

the easiest way for you is to abandon the unconfirm transaction on the old wallet.

them backup the oldwallet… and restore it on the new one.

if you know how to do this, it should take you no more than 5 mins
if you dont know I can help you… remotely… let me know.

Ok thanks. When I tried to right click on the transaction to abandon it there was no option to abandon. Is there another way?

yes, by command in the console

Where do I do that? sorry you’ve probably guested im not great with this stuff!

ok, so looks like on older version the abandon transaction options are not available even on console…

so the easiest way for you is to backup the OLD wallet and restore it on the NEW wallet… on the new wallet right on the transaction and click abandon.

again, if you dont know how to do this, let me know and I can help you remotely.

Ok thanks I will give this a try… old laptop is at work so will give it a go Monday!