Litecoin transaction help

Hi, i sent 0.1 ltc to my wallet as a test to see if all would go well, i have now noticed that a transaction for 0.95 ltc was sent to a different address but with the same transaction number? Here is a photo to show what i mean

so where did the 0.95 actually go?

This is your tx:

You had an input of 1.05033049.
Then, it was split into two new “outputs”:

0.10000000 sent to LVo4dcBjTBYVXh9K35pdg9QdBNRndQvurR
1.05033049 sent to MPLgSqeZUvHKYu9C6coXpkCDKs1UGtjKjb

Either of them is likely the “change”, and it should be in your wallet.