Litecoin Staking

Found this question, what are your thoughts?

One of the things I looked at is Eth and their Solo Staking initiative. I prefer LTC and would like to set up mining for it anyways, but does LTC allow Solo Staking, or is it just unpaid nodes like BTC?

That’s my Answer
Litecoin is proof of work, so you’d have to buy Skypt ASICs and burn some electricity… your business might bee better served buying LIGHTNING nodes and accumulating satoshis, then when transaction fees get expensive you can do fee arbitrage for your clients

What are your thoughts?

The OP is confused between mining and nodes it seems to me, at least how I read it.

Staking and PoS/DPoS ‘mining’ are still new, ETH has yet to fully implement it, so for me it is still vaporware till that happens. Just my honest opinion.

Yes the consensus differs PoW (mining) vs PoS (staking).
However i really dont agree that PoS is “new” or vaporware. There are many projects using PoS or DPoS at large scale and offer big reward for anyone who can find flaw.
At this point its nonsense when people say we dont know if it works. At what point can we say its already working. When Bitcoin was 5 year old did it work? Same is true for PoS coins.
One of my favorite projects is Pivx and Navcoin. Work pretty well. But there are many bigger projects too.
I seen many maxis (even core devs) claim the same as you but there is ZERO proof of anything they claim.
Hell even Cardano is having DPoS now with scientific papers backing it.

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Could you link to those scientific papers? People outside of the scientific field are often easily fooled by pay-to-publish journals.