Litecoin Stackoverflow activity


There are some many questions here that could be answered on Stack Overflow and help a lot of people instead of a just a small group. Why don’t we try redirect some questions there and have a more concise forum?

Here is the Litecoin tag on StackOverflow: Newest 'litecoin' Questions - Stack Overflow

Can we form a ‘working group’ on it?

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Those questions are way too technical compared to the ones here. But a nice reference collection would be nice for the frequently asked questions. Starting with the “I have sent my LTC to a BTC address, what can I do?” question. :smiley:

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That’s precisely the one I thought!

I have collected the necessary steps once when I faced this problem, but I remeber that one link was pointing to a topic in this forum, which have disappeared since then…

But first it should be a template for these types of questions. Because it always starts with: whom does the destination address belong to? Or more simple: where did you get the address to which you have sent the coins?

What wallet or exchange you have started the transaction from?

Things like this.