Litecoin shows complete but receiver says it is expired?

Has anyone every had this issue? I made a small Litecoin transaction and it showed pending for 3 days finally went through but the receiver says it is now expired and to contact Litecoin?
Here is the LNXSmSu5C8e8RsvDLQqBw4LqY7o96CWfne

Hello, there is no issue with that transaction.

It was confirmed in block 1252209, the proof is in the blockchain:

This person’s address received the 1.69302461 :ltc: no problems. If they claim they cannot see the coins, it’s due to an issue on their side that they will need to resolve.

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Thank you for your help on this… This is what they are experiencing on their end and I am not sure what to do.
In regards to your Litecoin transaction, We have double checked and it shows rejected, it means no funds were received in Litecoin. You can refer to this link
They are asking me to contact Litecoin which isnt easy

It’s super confusing because the block I received from Coinbase shows complete and in there but then the link on this block shows nothing is there.