Litecoin QT to core advise

Hi guys, I bought some litecoin years ago and watched them tank to basically nothing, pretty much forgot all about them and in a house move lost the QT wallet passphrase, im on the case trying to recover this, the Qt wallet is now saying ‘key compromised, upgrade required’…so my question is can I download the litecoin core wallet and send the coins there without the passphrase, and without the risk of making matters worse.
Cheers in advance for any advice.

you can upgrade without problem, just make sure you backup your wallet before doing so.

you will not be able to send the coins without your passphrase

Thanks for the reply, I have the wallet DAT file, but if I download the new wallet, how do the coins get in there, or are you saying I can dowload the new wallet but will not be able to transfer them there without the passphrase? Cheers.

you can restore the wallet.dat to the new version. that passphrase is not needed for that

Ok think i understand, so I download a new core wallet, restore the DAT to it and the coins will show in the new wallet? (albeit I still can’t get at them, until I solve the missing passphrase) and they will no longer show in the old Qt wallet? Sorry for my dumb questions, Cheers.


they will show in the old software if not uninstalled

Ok got ya, thanks for your help :wink: