Litecoin-qt GUI does not show on linux

Hi !

I downloaded litecoin-0.13.2-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz (from and also bootstrap.dat.
Started litecoind, syncing for about 3 hours, seems ok. CLI like “litecoin-cli getinfo” works.

But the litecoin-qt GUI does not work, it always starts minimized in system tray, though I set in litecoin.conf:

The button in system tray shows a menu, but none of the items work, or at least show any reaction, except “exit”. i never see a window of the application. (but it runs actualy, i can see connections to peers with netstat )

I tried this on a debian wheezy and a debian/jessie system. both have the same problem.
Are there any dependencies, except libqtgui4?

Thanks for any help!

you need to start litecoin-qt in order for the GUI to work and sync properly I am pretty sure…

run ./ with all dependencies installed first…the run make then make install…then open qt

check out at the bottom of the page it should show you the dependencies you need…

…don’t start litecoi-cli is just a wallet like python wallet…not a key manager like qt is…and litecoind is just the server deameon that the applications use to access the blockchain data

Thank you for your answer!

no, I didn’t try to compile it, i used the binary.

I did start litecoin-qt , and I know litecoind and litecoin-qt cannot run at the same time. That was also not the problem.
In the meantime I tried something else and maybe there is an incompatibility of litecoin-qt with the - rather oldfashioned - window manager i use on my debian, or something else in this system. I’m not sure yet, but in a virtual machine (KVM) with ubuntu and LXDE it worked immediately.