Litecoin - QT: Error message "Incorrect or no genesis block found. Wrong datadir for network?"


I had purchased litecoins in 2014 and has not used the laptop in which they are stored for the last 3 years. I had a look at it a couple of weeks back and started synchronising it. It synchronised fine up to a status where 6 weeks of synchronisation was pending. Since then when I try to open the Litecoin wallet, an error message comes up which reads as “Incorrect or no genesis block found. Wrong datadir for network?”.

Please can you advise how I could resolve this situation?

Many thanks

the wallet is an old version right?? what version is it?

keep your wallet.dat safe.

Hi Pedro,

Thanks for your response. The Litecoin - QT wallet is from 2014. So it is indeed an old version.

Please can you advise on what steps I should take to address this?


Go to c: drive programsfile then look for appdata then look for Litecoin file them copy the wallet.dat and keep it safe. After that try to get another computer or laptop install Litecoin core then paste your file at the same place then open your Litecoin core let it sync, after that everything will be good

Thanks Xue. I have installed Litecoin core in another laptop. It is now syncing and is 6 years and 7 weeks behind. Should i wait for the syncing to be completed before pasting the old file to the same location in the new laptop to which i downloaded the Litecoin core please?

For me I rather just paste the wallet.dat in then only start the syncing

Thanks. I have now pasted the wallet.dat file and has re - started the syncing. I will update you with the results once the syncing is completed.

Hi Xue,

The synchronisation is now complete. But the coins are not seen in the wallet.

Please can you advise what might be the problem?


PMed yoi

Thanks, have replied to your PM.