Litecoin QT actual wallet address on OSX

I have bitpay for bitcoin on my OS X and it shows an actual wallet address. Any time I send coins , it’s that same address. What am I getting wrong with the litecoin wallet ? It has a new address every transaction I make. Is this normal or do I just write down that address I chose and keep as my actual wallet address? I encrypted the wallet before attempting any transactions and I have the phrase written down.

Thanks in advance
Just looking to buy and keep some coins like the BTC ones

i’m unfamiliar with how BTC works because honestly i think it’s going to pop and eveyone is going to rush to LITECOIN to get their money back.

The only thing i can say about the LTC wallet is that i also too, think that the address changes every transaction. I think i read somewhere that you can continue to use the same address that you’ve used before but that transferring your money to an updated one is best…

Maybe we both need to do some research before we start getting involved. I’m a newbie to LTC as well.