Litecoin purse does not synchronize

Since two months ago I made a transaction, the coins made me realize that I entered the coin door if not synchronized and I can not use anything. She tells me that
No source of available blocks … and 4 years and 21 weeks … help me.

Note sure if this will help but.
Just went through a nightmare with litecoin wallet not showing or completing sync and even stating no sources 2 weeks before completing.

What worked for me?
I re installed Litecoin Wallet on another pc, let it d/l block chain then installed my back-up wallet which was from 2013 after about half way through the d/l (quit the wallet prog before you do this bit then restart) install your wallet. First I renamed the wallet already in there as wallet.dat-old just to save anomalies.

Good luck, I know how frustrating this is.


make sure you are mapping your posts using UPnP under network under the options tab…otherwise its a firewall issue blocking incoming connections to the port…

Guys I still can not sync my portfolio … now also the dogecoin portfolio does not sync

you are more than likely out of drive space then…need at least 20-25 gigabytes of free space to store the block chain and a minimum of 2mb RAM to broadcast and receive connections /transactions