Litecoin not in Litecoin-QT wallet even after synch of the blockchain

Hi everyone,

This is my first time around here. Hope someone can help me a bit further with my question.
A small introduction;
(Litecoin-)expertise-level: N00B!
Crypto-currency enthusiast: 8/10

Ok so, in 2014 I bought 2 litecoins. I installed the Litecoin-Qt wallet back in 2014 ( but last week I installed Litecoin Core as well, encountering the same problem).
Thing is, I have both the private and public key for my litecoin adress. And I can see on that there are 2 LTC’s on this address (balance) and that they are “not yet redeemed”. Thing is, I can’t seem to get these LTC’s “in” my Litecoin-Qt // Core wallet.

Am I overseeing something,
Has anyone encoutered something similar with Litecoin-QT // Core
Are there alternatives in “getting” my LTC using an different LT client?

Basicly I’m quite clueless in how to get to my LTC’s and start using them.

Hope some one can help, all help is welcome :slight_smile:


I have the same problem , and do not know what can i do ?

If you don’t see your Litecoins in your Litecoin Core wallet, you should resync your wallet.
You can do this on Windows by right-clicking Litecoin Core, and in startup options, enter this: -resync.

This will resync your wallet. If this doesn’t work, and you know you Litecoin address’s private key, then you can register an account at and import your private address.

Thank you , will re-synchronize …

Thanks for the reply.

Have tried resynching before and that didn’t work, but will try Thanks!